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Mikulas Krejcik z Radimovic

heraldist MdH and graduated painter
Working since 1990 in the field of Heraldry

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About the centuries dignitaries of the Roman-Catholic church
lead her coats of arms according to firm rules

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Pope's coat of arms Benedikt XVI.
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representation [300K]

Ecclesistical office heraldry also belongs to my heraldic offer. The Roman Catholic church has developed for her dignitaries certain, always constant heraldic rank badge who consist of the typical headgears (tiare, mitre, prelate's hat) and other ecclesiastical attributes (crooks, talk crosses, pallium etc.). In detail the following order arises according to the ecclesiastical laws

1. The coat of arms sign of pope is accompanied by the tiare, a triply crowned white cap concluded by a cross and two keys (gold and silver) which are mostly connected by a red cord and are crossed about or behind the sign. The golden key points after (heraldically) on the top right. (Remark of the author: Because the tiare are not carried any more, pope Benedikt XVI. than the first pope leads a mitre and the pallium in the coat of arms.)

2. The shield cardinals becomes by a red prelate's hat with 15 red on both sides, in five rows (1:2:3:4:5) to arranged tassels calls. If the concerning cardinal is at the same time an archbishop or bishop, a double or easy talk cross whose shaft should be visible under the sign stands behind the sign

3. The shield patriarchs is accompanied by a green prelate's hat with 15 green tassels arranged in five rows and stands before a golden double sharp.

4. The shield archbishops is marked by a green prelate's hat with 10 (1:2:3:4) green tassels on both sides and stands before a golden double sharp.

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The coat of arms from the bishop
of Pilsen: Mons. F. Radkovsky
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5. The shield bishops is accompanied by a green prelate's hat with 6 (1:2:3) green tassels on both sides and stands before an easy golden cross. All prelates who own the bishop's dignity can also use the mitre, a 2 pointed silver cap decorated with golden embroideries with two pendulous tapes, and the crosier to the sign. In newer time this happens less and less.
abbots nullius and prelates nullius by what free abbots and prelates with episcopal jurisdiction, but without bishop's inauguration are understood. also lead the green prelate's hat, like the bishops, but not the talk cross. Instead, they can use mitre and crook as other signs of her dignity together with the prelate's hat.

6. The coat of arms abbots and provosts is banked by a black hat with 6 (1:2:3) black tassels on both sides. Instead of the episcopal cross they can put behind the shield the crook with velum and also use the mitre as a timbre. They can also use mitre and crook without hat.

7. The coat of arms apostolic protonotares (juridical officials of the Curia) is banked by a violet hat with 6 red tassels on both sides, without mitre, stick or cross.

8. The coat of arms papal house prelates is decorated by a violet hat with 6 violet tassels.

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A coat of arms design
for a Monsignor
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representation [300K]

9. The coat of arms monsignories (confidential finance officer and confidential chaplains) is decorated by a black hat with 6 violet tassels. Here is an example of a coat of arms coat of arms with the draft foreign exchange in accordance with embodiments point 5a.

10. The coat of arms canons is adorned by a black hat with 3 (1:2) black tassels on both sides.

11. The coat of arms deans, to usual priors and superiors, can be also shown with the black hat and on both sides of 2 tassels.

12. The coat of arms remaining priest may be shown (instead of helmet and crest) with the black priest's hat with a black tassel.

Spring: Extract from the "Wappenfibel - Handbuch der Heraldik", ("coat of arms primer - manual of the heraldry"), published by the association HEROLD, 19th edition, in 2002, copyright by Verlag Degener + Co

If you are a dignitary of a church and wish the creation of your ecclesiastical office coat of arms, I stand to you with pleasure to the arrangement. With fee and the use for heraldic works in the area ecclesiastical office heraldry the same circumstances and the same fee sentences are valid like with family coat of arms. This refers to a coat of arms without coat of arms motto. If you want an additional coat of arms motto to your coat of arms, comes to the fee for a surcharge added (according to family coat of arms, point 5a, 5b or 5c.) Otherwise, also I am available to you to all questions of the ecclesiastical office heraldry.

Remark to the coats of arms illustrated here: On this occasion, it concerns representative coat of arms finished artwork according to point 3e of my offer, so implementation on real animal greaseproof paper with gold leaf edition.

After arrangement are also possible individual payments by instalments .

With interest in the assignment of a heraldic order you are able under information of your address to her personal request for order material here.

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